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Birthdate:Jan 22, 1995

Hello, I'm Lanaura. I decided to make a dreamwidth account in order to stop cluttering my livejournal account seeing as I sometimes post up to two or three times a day.


Let's see...I'm sixteen and a freshman. I'm mostly into anime and manga. Examples would be Death Note, Saiyuki, Crimson Spell, Ranma 1/2, and Fullmetal Alchemist. I'm also a Harry Potter fan and yes I do happen to play Runescape. I'm just your basic geek.

Besides the above my favorite genres of anime/manga and books are sci-fi, comedy, fantasy, and action. Favorite genres of music would be pop and rock. And my hobbies are...well my hobby is reading and writing. I suppose it doesn't take long to figure out what I write. Anyways I can come up with ok original stories but thats usually when I really have too.

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